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The Perfect Moment

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ELEMENTAL FLORIDA, Vol II is a compilation of amazing photography by Christy. 

Composed primarily of striking storms, lightning, awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset photographs all taken within the heart of the Sunshine State, she captures the beauty and fury of nature in a unique and powerful way.

Christy personally worked over the course of many months to personally design, and publish this newest version of "Elemental Florida." All were arduous steps that she took willingly in order to produce something incredibly special that she hoped many will enjoy each and every day. Christy invites you to join her to laugh, cry, rejoice, and stand in awe at the everyday Perfect Moments she captures. In a single instance, Christy forever encapsulates a unique story and today she's happy to extend to you part of that experience as well. 

This book is available as a soft cover on premium glossy paper (8x6 ~ 87 pages). This piece is unique and full of nature’s inspirations. Be sure to get your copy today! 

Pre-orders are charged up front and orders will be sent via Priority Mail by 3.15.19!


"This book is amazing. The raw power of nature captured in its beauty, force and sheer power. I love these pictures combined with the words to heighten the intensity. This book is a great conversation coffee table book or gift. Love it!" ~ Christine Cobb

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