Sneak Peek! Custom Book Sleeves for Classic Lay-Flat books!

Posted by Christy Mandeville on

Here are two mock-up's of custom book sleeve covers that I personally designed for both of my Classic Lay-Flat books. What do you think?

Still searching for the perfect vendor for the job! Recommendations are appreciated!

Check out my Classic Lay-Flat books here -- &

The Perfect Moment Classic Lay-Flat book

"I got this photo book because of a recommendation from a friend. The photos and captions are the likes of contest winning from a team of professional photographers and caption writers. This lay flat book would make a great gift for any occasion and the recipient will appreciate the artistic value of this incredible work." Matt Denman

The Perfect Moment Book Sleeve --- Concept 1

Elemental Florida Classic Lay-Flat book

"This book is amazing. The raw power of nature captured in its beauty, force and sheer power. I love these pictures combined with the words to heighten the intensity. This book is a great conversation coffee table book or gift. Love it!" ~ Christine Cobb

 Elemental Florida  Book Sleeve --- Concept 1

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